Maintenance & Repair

Everyone witnesses the easy flick of the wrist on the beer tap to deliver the perfect pour but very few realize the intricacies involved in a draft beer system. Draft beer lines require precise design, exact operating conditions, and careful, regular maintenance to ensure the proper flow of high-quality beer.

Wessel’s Draft Design has the experience and the tools to maintain or repair the equipment that creates the flow of high-quality beer. More importantly, we care and take pride in our work. We revel in being behind the scenes working to help every restaurant, craft brewery, or pub serve a quality and consistent pour every time.

Every establishment that serves draft beer needs a committed partner like Wessel’s Draft Design that will be there when your draft lines need repair or maintenance. Are you opening a new establishment? Installation of a new draught system is our specialty. Every location is unique and you will need the experienced eye of a professional to ensure the draft beer lines and accompanying equipment is designed precisely the first time. Call 502-380-6778 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.