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Draft Line Cleaning

According to the Brewers Association, draught systems should be cleaned and serviced at a minimum of every two weeks. Beer is a food product so the draught beer lines will be contaminated from many different factors. Fortunately, hops and alcohol will prevent pathogens from growing in the beer that is being served so contaminated beer will not make anyone sick. However, contaminants will affect the flavor of your beer so everything that comes in contact with the beer needs to be properly cleaned especially the lines that deliver the pour to the glass. If you are a craft brewery and take pride in the flavor of the beer you brew and serve then it is paramount to have a rigorous cleaning schedule. If you want your patrons to continue to visit and enjoy the beer you brew then the flavor has to be consistent.

Wessel’s Draft Design has the experience to handle any draft line cleaning or maintenance needed to keep the beer flowing. Your success is our success and we love beer as much as anyone. We are here because of beer and we will be there for you when you need us.

Every establishment has its own special needs so call to schedule an appointment so we can help you keep your beer loving customers happy and returning often. Call 502-380-6778.

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