Our Mission
To Improve the Quality of Draught Beer for all Beer Drinkers

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Draft Services

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Draft Line Cleaning

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Maintenance & Repair

Delivering a Quality Draft Pour, Consistently and Reliably

Call for Service

(502) 380-6778

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About Wessel’s Draft Design

Wessel’s Draft Design has the experience to keep the beer flowing. WDD has over 30 years of experience in designing, installing, and servicing draft beer lines. Our goals are the same. Provide the best pour for the best beer everytime, all the time. We see your customers as our customers. If we make them happy, we have succeeded. Our goal is to make sure the beer is pouring so that your customers are happy and you are profitable.

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Maintenance Agreement

An inexpensive maintenance agreement will keep the beer pouring. Every situation is different so please call us so we can customize a plan for your establishment.